CSDA guidelines for the use of computers, audiovisual equipment and privacy. These guidelines need to be read in conjunction with the rules of the relevant competition (debating or public speaking) and amplify the section in the rules dealing with the use of audiovisual equipment, cameras, mobile phones and other internet-capable devices. The guidelines spell out the responsibilities of all who take part in a CSDA event and the consequences of a breach.

Code of Conduct

Each student attending a debate should understand and have signed a code of conduct form. These forms should be kept by the debating co-ordinator.

Child Protection (Working With Children) Act 2012

Under part 2, section 6 of the Child Protection (Working With Children) Act 2012, all adjudicators and delegated persons involved in public speaking and debating must complete a Working With Children Check
A delegated person is any adult who has been given some responsibility in the running of a public speaking or debating event or transporting children other than her/his own to an event.
Principals in each school must sign a compliance form, filled in by the coordinator, detailing each delegated person used by the school for the purposes of the public speaking and debating competitions.

Team Registration Form

This form is a listing of all debaters entered for a team for each school. The completed form should be emailed to the CSDA.

Adjudicator's Result Sheet

This is the result sheet for one debate.

Weekly Results Sheet

This weekly results sheet is to be completed by all debating co-ordinators, whether hosting or not, and emailed to the CSDA no later than the Monday afternoon following the debate.

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