Public Speaking

The Catholic Schools Public Speaking competition is held in Term 1 each year. Entry is open to up to 2 students from each of Years 7 –10 and up to 4 students from the Senior years from any Catholic School (see Rules) in NSW.

The competition is run in 3 rounds selecting the best students to compete in the Finals (round 3). Topics are varied and changed for each round. The speeches are prepared.

In any given year approximately 1000 people, including student participants, volunteer adjudicators and debating teachers are involved in the Public Speaking Competition.

On these pages you will find information on this public speaking competition in the Catholic Schools Debating Association.

Rules of the Metropolitan Public Speaking Competition

This document outlines the rules under which the CSDA Public Speaking Competition is run.

CSDA guidelines on the use of computers, audiovisual equipment and privacy. These guidelines need to be read in conjunction with the Rules of the Metropolitan Public Speaking Competition and amplify the section in the rules dealing with the use of audiovisual equipment, cameras, mobile phones and other internet-capable devices. The guidelines spell out the responsibilities of all who take part in a CSDA event and the consequences of a breach.

Topics for the 2016 metropolitan public speaking competition

Guidelines for public speakers

Suggested Checklist for Teachers in Charge of Public Speaking

This pro-forma is an aid to the planning and execution of hosting a Public Speaking round at your school.

Suggestions for Chairperson/Timekeeper

This link contains 3 pages: Duties of the Chairperson/Timekeeper,Chairperson's Sheet, and Timekeeper's sheet.

Adjudicator’s Guidelines

This is a summary sheet to be distributed to adjudicators of public speaking in the CSDA.  It is also a quick reference guide for students in terms of expectations in public speaking.

Adjudicator’s Feedback Form

This is a form that can be used by adjudicators to give feedback on the speakers and to deliver a report at the end of the evening .

Adjudicator’s Report on a Speaker

This is the form to be used if an individual speaker requests a written report.

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