The competition is held during the first 3 terms of the school year.

Entry is open to a maximum of 2 teams of 3 students from each of Years 7 –10 and 4 teams of 3 students from the senior years from any Catholic School (see Rules of the metropolitan debating competition) in the metropolitan or greater metropolitan area of NSW. (See also the Constitution of the CSDA.)

The regional schools of NSW also participate in a regional debating day to determine the teams to come together in Sydney to debate the regional finals in November each year. The winners of the regional competition then go on to debate the winners of the metropolitan competition in the state finals.

The metropolitan competition in 2016 will comprise 6 preliminary rounds followed by elimination rounds then quarterfinals, semifinals and finals.

The style of debating in the preliminary rounds allows some preparation within a topic area, followed by a one hour preparation of an unseen topic from the topic area once sides have been allocated by a toss of a coin on the evening of the debate. The style of debating for the quarter-finals, semis and finals is impromptu conflict debating with 1 hour preparation.

In any given round in the preliminary section of the competition, in excess of 3000 people, including students, volunteer adjudicators and debating teachers are involved in the competition.

In this area of the website, you will find information on the rules, format and running of debating competitions in the Catholic Schools Debating Association.

Entry Form for Debating in the CSDA 2016 competition

Rules of the Metropolitan Debating Competition

CSDA guidelines on the use of computers, audiovisual equipment and privacy. These guidelines need to be read in conjunction with the Rules of the Metropolitan Debating Competition and amplify the section in the rules dealing with the use of cameras. The guidelines spell out the responsibilities of all who take part in a CSDA event and the consequences of a breach.

Debater guidelines.

Debating topic areas for the 2016 metropolitan competition. These topic areas are for years 7 - 10 debaters only.

Notes on yardstick debates.

Debating draw for all rounds of the competition, including the finals rounds. 

Debating Checklist

A suggested checklist for debating co-ordinators to use. This also includes the debating room setup.

Debating adjudicator guidelines

Debating adjudicator handbook

Chairperson's information sheet

Timekeeper Sheet

Weekly Result Sheet

Adjudicator's Result Sheet

Adjudicator's report on an individual

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